Why Digital Transformation and Automation is Critical for Organizational Survival

The Singapore Government has actively promoted the need to bring our SME community to the forefront of digitization and automation. Cross-industry analysis by industry analysts reveal a correlation between the level of digital adoption and business performance. Greater digital maturity significantly enhances competitive advantage in many areas of business, including improved profit margins, lowering costs and enabling greater business continuity. These advantages have never been more apparent than with the recent lockdown measures imposed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Enterprise Singapore (ESG) reported that it has supported more than 3,500 businesses that started transformation projects from January to April this year, nearly 20% higher than in the same period last year. The time to take action is now.

Automate Your Invoice Processing

Paper-based invoicing can result in inefficient and costly manual process. It is slow and lacks visibility which reduces control over cashflow. Manually keying in data into the ERP is time-consuming. And the reliance on hardcopy invoices risks delays due to mishandling or is simply lost. Kofax ReadSoft Online provides market-leading capture, extraction, validation, configurable business rules, general ledger coding, and user driven approval and exception workflows for invoice processing in the cloud, offered as a software as a service (SaaS). The solution enables companies to process invoices seamlessly and affordably. This highly scalable, multi-tenant cloud solution features an intuitive user interface, is live 24/7 and is constantly monitored for optimum performance.With adaptive self-learning technology and minimal need to invest in expensive IT-infrastructure, Kofax ReadSoft Online provides a rapid return on investment. E-Outsource Asia provides the services you need to onboard your organization onto ReadSoft Online in a standardized and organized manner. With our experience in financial process automation working with companies large and small, you can rest assured we will seamlessly manage your transition towards invoice automation.


Increased Data Accuracy

Get more accurate financial data, reduced audit risks, and achieve better financial compliance. All data is extracted using Kofax world-ng cognitive capture technology. Purchase Order (PO) based invoice line items can be validated against purchase orders and goods received. User assistance is provided for GL coding for non-PO invoices.

Analytics for Insight and Visibility

Pre-built dashboards enable you to quickly achieve insight into invoice activity for monitoring invoice status and exceptions; providing continuous feedback for optimizing invoice processing.

Improved Cycle Times

Reduced cost for manual keying and manual verification leaving option to reassign employees to more valued work. Automated extraction rates, typically 80 -90%, ensure optimal process flow.

One solution for paper/email/e-electronic invoices

Ensure compliance with new legislations by having one single point of entry for your invoices regardless of formats received.

Reduced IT Requirements

Take the pain out of implementation. Set-up requires no hardware or software investments. There’s no time-consuming maintenance, upgrades or updates. You’ll always have access to the newest features and most up-to-date version of the solution. A dedicated cloud-services team monitors and optimizes your processing 24/7.

Flexible Pricing Options

Pricing is based on invoice and not page volume. Subscription options include annual invoice volume for header/footer, line item and workflow processing, with options for adding invoice image storage.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Price is for a 36-month subscription term and does not include one-time implementation cost. Standard implementation scope includes header-level and line item capture with standardized output.